Youth Mental Health Day, 19th September

YMHD, on 19th September each year, is an awareness day that encourages understanding and awareness of mental health in young people.

Here we believe #forestschool really can help support develop good mental health in young people.

We set expectation levels approriate for the ability of the individual, if we set any at all. Yes their are rules but we try and work together on these. We offer a vast range of play acrivities and invites around the site and area, which they can make use of when they wish, moving from one to another and back or mixing activities to create new. Play is very much at the heart of our ethos alongside physical opportunities, such a swings, hammocks, ladders, slacklines and tree climbing

They can use tools under supervision to create artifacts of their design.

All attending people can access food and drink when they require not at set times, we do try to lunch together.

We have at the heart of our sessions personal choice, intrinsic motivation, lower expectaions, support and no grading or set outcomes.

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