I am sure we all work hard and have the ethos very much at the heart of what we provide. I know it chimes with me very strongly, the principles of Forest School, and truly feel I have found my home in the woods an with what I facilitate. Those who have met me know how passionate I am about the opportunities I offer learners. i believe I offer a very good service but, validation is in short supply at times. Over the past few months I have, with my assistant, offered a short programme to a school and we have all seen the children change, take opportunities, change their social dynamic but undertaking tasks, explored a new space and attempted challenging tasks, skills and activities. On the whole they have overcome and developed as an individual with no comparison to their peers from the adults.

Then this email drops….

“Where do I start?

Thank you for giving the children in my class the most fantastic opportunity. Each child came with different expectations and a variety of needs (not all that were obvious) but they have all met challenges and enjoyed experiences that this unique opportunity has afforded them. They have all grown as people. Their self-confidence and self-worth has developed and it is a joy to see them. Many have overcome personal obstacles and they are more engaged with academic tasks at school. They all are calmer and less anxious. Parents have also remarked on their children’s demeanour at home too.

I have told them that their peers will be coming to Forest School in September and one of the most delightful outcomes is their pleasure that their friends will have a similar experience too.


A huge thank you to Adrian and Zoe – it’s been amazing.

As a school, we are hoping to develop our own Forest School on site here and I am hoping that our new Head teacher will enable me to complete Forest School training to allow that to happen.

I am sure the next cohort will enjoy their Forest School experience in the autumn as well and I am very grateful that we have been able to offer it to them too.

Kind regards,


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