Unexpected response….

a couple of days a go i posted a short video of some of the bluebells in the adjacent plot to where I have been running #forestschool for a number of years with my long term programme with children with learning needs.(https://fb.watch/cO99jt3pLe/) heres the video

This week we returned to the woods for the first time since March 2020 and these are a new group to the woods, but have been with them on school grounds since September 2021.

I was excited as this, I feel, allows for the much fuller experience they can separate themselves away, there are loads of resources, plenty of opportunities for invitation to play and simply be and compound flexibility Kindling: Playwork, Training, Forest Schools and creative workshops

It is about a 10 minute amble to our site from the gate and we stopped and looked at a few things on the way. Actually a number had already picked out the Bluebells in small patches as we walked along, but when we got the wide expanse where there are thousands of flowers their responses, I have to say, blew me away.

“stunning, beautiful, amazing” and other superlatives “I cannot see the end of them” “SO many”

It made me realise why i do what I do, there are many reasons across a programme, but this left me kinda speechless for a moment or two and gave me that warm glow, you know what i mean!


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