Rocket Stove

I decided to try and be a little more sustainable during my sessions with regard to hot water and rather than leaving a kettle boiling for hours and fires being kept alive all day I opted to try a rocket stove. This was instigated at the Forest School Association conference last year with a discussion on sustainability and then cemented by @chriswholeland who I saw had recently bought one too. it had been on my mind prior to both those events but perhaps I just needed the nudge. The Anevay Horizon stove supplied by @bearandbearstore was delivered the next day to my surprise, thanks! So this weekend in the spring sunshine I thought I will get a brew on. It arrived with the some kindling and slowburning compressed wood rounds and even some matches. all i need for the cup of tea. with @eagleproducts kettle from @raymears_woodlore i was away. the first burn was nice and easy and he kettle was soon steaming. the lighting was easy moving in and out of the wind with the cage was easy too and no heat transfer so controlling the burn was simple. The slow burning block was too slow for the kettle and only needed and handful of dry wood to boil about 700ml of water in good time. Yes its bulky but no weight to it really and if it requires less wood to heat water, yet to try cooking over it, then all in all a good buy. with the ease of lighting seems to be a hit. I will compare to a kelly kettle for timing but the stability of this wide base I think will make it easier to use too.

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